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We specialize in working with advisors and business owners to achieve successful business transitions (be it scale, sale, or succession).

Many business owners (and indeed advisors) see transition and exit as a straightforward process involving decisions on taxation, legal compliance and wealth management. But, our research and experience prove that the process is far more complex: it’s a journey that affects every aspect of the owners’ lives – their business, their money and their self.

The conundrum: very few business owners have the time or inclination to “lie on the couch” or engage in endless exploratory conversations. That’s where Orange Kiwi comes in with a proven fit-for-purpose approach to assist business owners and their advisors to design and implement successful business transitions.

Using a powerful combination of psychological understanding, academic research, and hands-on business experience,

We support owners and their advisors in the design of successful transitions

We maintain a clear focus on the business challenge

While also considering and responding to the owners’ unique needs and aspirations
This gives owners essential business and personal clarity so that they can engage their transition with confidence.

Our founders

Our senior partners founded Orange Kiwi in 2009. Allie Taylor is from Orange County, California and Andrew Taylor is from New Zealand – together they are Orange Kiwi.

Allie Taylor, PhD; her dissertation focuses on change and effectiveness at the point of business owner transition. A sought-after advisor, Allie helps low-to-mid market business owners achieve successful transitions and consults with advisors, senior leaders, boards and business family members.
Learn more about Allie.

Andrew is an accomplished business leader and consultant whose experience has included working with Fortune 500 clients at McKinsey and Company. Following executive roles in both New Zealand and the United States, Andrew provides advice & consulting services to business owners and their advisors.

Our Team

Danae McDaniel currently serves in a multi-faceted family business.  Her experience working within a family business, combined with her external consulting experience, cause her to see and understand family business dynamics in a deep and meaningful way. Throughout Danae’s career, she has gained a breadth of knowledge including personal investment planning, tax analysis, and comprehensive financial planning. She is a licensed tax preparer, a registered investment advisor representative, and is currently a candidate to receive the esteemed CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. 

Alongside her financial expertise, she brings a broad and deep knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing, operational planning and workflow, product development, sales, change management, and leadership experience.  As a Certified Life Coach and Life Planning Facilitator with a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Certification, she is a skilled developer of people. Danae holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from CSUF and a M.S. in Business Psychology from Franklin University.

Daniel Sohn, CPA, CVA
Senior Manager, Whittaker & Co. CPAs
An Orange Kiwi Strategic Partnership

Daniel Sohn, a University of California, Irvine trained economist also holds Certified Public Accounting (CPA) and Certified Valuation Advisor credentials. Growing up the son of a successful serial entrepreneur Daniel understands the dynamics of a family business. As a Senior Manager for Whittaker and Co. CPAs Daniel applies his passion, skill, and expertise to help closely held businesses solve problems and plan for the future. Orange Kiwi’s strategic partnership with Whittaker and Co. CPAs has resulted in clients achieving greater profitability through increased financial controls, operational efficiency, and decision-making effectiveness. 

Donna Brighton, MS Organizational Leadership
Founder & Chief Ideas Offficer, Brighton Leadership Group
An Orange Kiwi Strategic Partnership

Donna Brighton is a culture change strategist, masterful facilitator and leadership coach. Drawing from 25+ years of experience as a consultant, Donna combines her expertise in change management with a deep understanding of organizational culture to help leaders solidify change more rapidly and successfully through the power of Culturally Intelligent Change. She is a skilled listener who sees possibilities, understands complexities and partners with leaders to create solutions. Donna helps organizations get clear on the culture they need in order to achieve their objectives, then works with them to move confidently towards that ideal.

 A recognized expert in the field of organizational change, she is the past President of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), a global organization dedicated to the advancement of the change management profession. Donna has an M.S. in Organizational Leadership as well an advanced certification in Organizational Change Management. She is the author of Culturally Intelligent Change, the Flourishing Workplace and the Rebel Leader’s Field Guide to Your Leadership Voice. Donna is also the co-founder of Leadership Uncorked, connecting 3 of her passions: brilliant leaders, insightful learning, and exceptional wine.

Sheri Kohlman, Founder, More than Words
An Orange Kiwi Strategic Partnership

Sheri was inspired by her own family’s legacy, and by the clients she met while working as a paralegal at a Southern California estate planning law firm. Meeting with hundreds of clients, Sheri had the opportunity to hear incredible stories about money, wealth, family and faith. She quickly learned that there was more to excellent estate planning than legal documents and financial investments.  She discovered that inheriting wealth without learning the history and values that created it can often be more of a curse than a blessing.

As the founder and owner of More Than Words, Inc., an independent LifeSAGEr®, Legacy Coach and a Certified Guided Autobiography Instructor with the Birren Institute, Sheri assists individuals, families, communities, churches and nonprofits in getting to the “heart of the matter.”  Her classes and individual coaching encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to define and share the things that matter most.

Sheri lends her professional interviewing skills to custom projects, including documentary films. She is a trained trauma intervention counselor and a strategic partner with the Legacy Coalition.

Sheri and her husband, Gene, live in Newport Beach California.  They have four sons, one daughter, nine perfect grandchildren, and Chief, the world’s greatest Golden Retriever.

International Affiliate Partners

Trevor Flint, MBA
Capstone Associates, Perth, Australia

Trevor is the Founder and Director of Capstone Associates and a FocalPoint Certified Business Coach and Trainer. He inspires clients with his engaging style and delivers results with his ability to overcome challenges, find specific solutions and achieve goals.

He is a strategic thinker with the proven ability to transform the performance of businesses and organisations resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability. He provides external insights and works with companies and individuals that want an action plan for moving forward.

An MBA-qualified senior leader with over 20 years of international experience in the resources sector, Trevor knows how to drive growth by building strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

As affiliate partners Orange Kiwi and Capstone Associates share best practice, knowledge and expertise across the Australian and US markets.

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