About Orange Kiwi

Orange Kiwi gets results

We specialize in working with advisors and business owners to achieve successful business transitions (be it scale, sale, or succession).

Many business owners (and indeed advisors) see transition and exit as a straightforward process involving decisions on taxation, legal compliance and wealth management. But, our research and experience prove that the process is far more complex: it’s a journey that affects every aspect of the owners’ lives – their business, their money and their self.

The conundrum: very few business owners have the time or inclination to “lie on the couch” or engage in endless exploratory conversations. That’s where Orange Kiwi comes in with a proven fit-for-purpose approach to helping business owners and their advisors craft a custom formula for transition success.

Using a powerful combination of psychological understanding, academic research, and hands-on business experience,

We support owners and their advisors in building a formula for transition success

We maintain a clear focus on the business challenge

While also considering and responding to the owners’ unique needs and aspirations
This gives owners essential business and personal clarity so that they can engage their transition with confidence.

Our founders

Our senior partners founded Orange Kiwi in 2009. Allie Taylor is from Orange County, California and Andrew Taylor is from New Zealand – together they are Orange Kiwi.

Allie Taylor, PhD; her dissertation focuses on change and effectiveness at the point of business owner transition. A sought-after advisor, Allie has helped Fortune 500 bankers, senior leaders, boards and low-to-mid market business owners achieve successful exits. Learn more about Allie.

Andrew is an accomplished business leader and consultant whose experience has included working with Fortune 500 clients at McKinsey and Company. Building on this role, and having held executive roles in both New Zealand and the United States, Andrew provides advice and consulting services to business owners and their advisors.

Our Team

The Orange Kiwi team has built a highly skilled external network of advisors and consultants, including family business experts, financial capital and investment specialists, organizational development consultants, and others that allows them to put the right skilled professionals in play at the right time to provide the right fit and highest quality service to our clients.

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