Are you looking to increase your ROI in working with business owners who are – or should be – considering a significant business transition?

Talk to Orange Kiwi.

We understand the imperatives of your business (be it wealth management, M&A, or other advisory services). Most importantly we understand the business owner prospect or client.


Having explored 40+ years of academic research, undertaken specialized PhD research, and worked with business owners across the country, we can confidently say, “we know what motivates business owners.” Armed with this knowledge and experience we can help your firm build sustained and profitable relationships with low-to-mid market business owners. Specifically we see:

  • Owners taking action. Our expertise and processes motivate business owners to make their transition/exits happen in concert with their advisors support and insight.
  • Increased financial results. The Orange Kiwi process cements the advisor/owner relationship, leading naturally to transactional opportunities.
  • New clients. Our fresh, engaging approach has often led to word-of-mouth recommendations from delighted business owners
  • Enhanced brand identity. In the digital age, expert technical advice has become a commodity. As an Orange Kiwi client you’ll acquire an approach that puts your firm well ahead of the herd.


We have a proven track record of working with advisory firms – from large financial institutions to regional M&A firms. Our solutions include:

  • Training We offer training for both frontline staff and back-office marketing teams in identifying and communicating with existing clients who are ideal targets for transition activation.
  • Business pipeline Using a mix of digital and face-to-face channels/events, we provide multiple pathways for engaging owners embarking on their exit journeys.
  • Assessment. Business owners are complex and multi-faceted individuals. Our proprietary online transition readiness assessment tool goes below the surface and provides powerful and actionable insights that increase effectiveness of the owner-advisor relationship.
  • Consulting. In our experience, many business owners describe themselves as “torn” when considering the sale of their business. Orange Kiwi helps you help your clients address submerged tensions to achieve clarity and confidence necessary to increase the potential for a successful transition.

Case study

“Joanne” had built a successful family home furniture company, bootstrapping her way to $35 million a year in revenue. She’d reached the stage where her three children were responsible for “managing the business”; however, she was still influencing decisions and controlling the purse strings.

The senior strategist at Joanne’s institutional wealth management firm contacted us when his communications with her failed to lead to action on exiting the business. Together, we devised an approach in which Joanne was invited to join a regional owners’ forum, undertake an online assessment and attend a follow-up webinar and individualized consultations.

Joanne willingly participated in all of these initiatives and described our approach as a “breath of fresh air”. Better informed and, more importantly, much less emotionally torn, she moved efficiently and effectively towards her transaction and exit.

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