Are you looking to increase your ROI from business owners seeking to sell?
Find out how you can reduce the time, resources, and costs of client acquisition, due diligence and taking a business to market – and avoid the seemingly inevitable need to “kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince”?

Talk to Orange Kiwi.

We understand the imperatives of your business and the challenges of working in the increasingly competitive market for high-quality businesses and their owners.


An owner’s psychology is often the greatest determinant of transaction success in the low to mid market. We’ve spent years honing our understanding of the unique psychology of successful business owners, the resulting business impacts, and helping M&A advisors like you to develop new competitive advantages to increase success for yourselves and your owner clients.

We can help you to:
  1. Increase your win rate. We’ll help you to understand your clients’ individual styles and exit inclinations, and know when and how to move forward with an owner, when to wait, and when to walk away
  2. Smooth the deal-flow. Our experience in the low to mid market includes helping business owners leverage their strengths and prepare to maximize their engagements with investment bankers and other advisors
  3. Increase deal-closure rates. Winning engagements is good. What really matters is closing deals and selling businesses for the highest possible multiple. Our deep insights improve the ratio of success and failure for investment banks of all sizes.


Orange Kiwi’s services are founded on rigorous examinations of the best available research, as well as our own PhD research and extensive industry experience.

They include:
  1. Assessment & evaluation. Our 15-minute online assessment tool evaluates the key components of a business owner’s successful transition and exit. You can either access the tool through a contract with us or license the technology and integrate it with your sourcing/due diligence processes.
  2. Consulting. In our experience, many business owners describe themselves as “torn” when considering the sale of their business. With help from Orange Kiwi you can help your clients identify and resolve submerged tensions to achieve clarity and confidence so that the likelihood of a successful transaction increases.
  3. Deal flow. Our partnerships with institutions and advisors at all points of a business owner’s journey means we have a steady flow of owners who are ready to go to market. Where appropriate, we introduce great owners to great advisors.

Case study

“Roger”, aged 72, seemed perfectly positioned to sell his thriving infrastructure business.

The M&A advisor had spent many hours with Roger and had found a buyer ready to pay a price of $37M and meet Roger’s terms. With the deal pending, we were called when Roger inexplicably stopped returning his advisor’s calls.

We suggested the advisor ask Roger to use our online assessment tool, and the results were immediately insightful.

For example, Roger revealed that he was more fulfilled by his business relationships than his personal relationships. Taken in context, it was clear that he was emotionally torn at the point of sale because he was selling his most satisfying connections. In this light, the “great deal” took on a completely different hue.

We suggested to the advisor that, unless the issue was resolved, it was highly unlikely that Roger would sell his business no matter what the price. Based on this and our assessment insights, the M&A advisor re-thought his approach. In fact, our advice was that unless this was resolved it was highly unlikely that Roger would be able to sell his business no matter the price and the advisor would be wise to consider how he was applying his limited resource.

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