The greatness of an organization will be directly proportional to the greatness of its leader. It is rare for an organization to rise above its leader.
– Blackaby and Blackaby

There are ~28 million United States businesses and only:

  • 4% of all business owners are able to lead their business beyond the $1M in annual revenue threshold
  • 0.4% are able to break the $10M threshold
  • and those that break $50M threshold are even more rare (0.0006%), only 17,000 in the U.S. today have reached this threshold.

What sets these owners apart? They know what they have to do to get results – adapt their leadership to overcome barriers and obstacles to transition.

Getting Results

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”
― Carl R. Rogers

While successful owners share common personality traits and behaviors, each one is unique.  Our process always starts by getting a clear picture of an owner’s current inclinations.  Using this as a starting point we then help successful owners design a path forward that allows them to get the results they desire.

Growing a Business

  • Clarity: about the barriers and obstacles to greater success. This starts with understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your inclinations.
  • Confidence: to overcome barriers and limitations that comes from a thorough understanding of where you are, where you want to go and why before designing the how
  • Coordination: to execute the change required. Transition is tough and it is lonely at the top. We provide skilled executive coaching throughout the transition process to help you succeed.
  • Satisfaction: The complexity of scaling can be draining. Our goal is to help you enjoy the ride by helping you gain more control over your business so that it does not control you.

Exiting a Business

  • Clarity: When an exiting owner is emotionally torn, their plans are often muddied and unresolved. We help owners identify what they do and do not want and who they need when they need them to achieve a successful transition.
  • Confidence: Exits create levels of uncertainty owners don’t experience while building their business and they often feel out of control. We help owners leverage their strengths and clarity to remain in control of their transition with confidence to navigate the myriad of decisions and trade-offs inherent in a deal process.
  • Coordination: A satisfying exit is one in which the owner is in control. We equip owners with the insights, skills, and executive coaching support to effectively interact with the necessary third party deal professionals.
  • Satisfaction: Owners we work with know they’re in charge and they achieve the best possible exits given the available choices throughout the deal process so that they are able to transition to a life of satisfaction and significance beyond their role as owner.


  1. Values Based Road Maps. In as little as half a day we help owners define where they are today, where they want to go, and what’s required to get there. We do this by helping the owner identify and prioritize their values, and aligning their planned actions accordingly. If more intensive, longer-term work is required, we can undertake this ourselves or call on our network of best-in-class advisors.
  2. Assessment & evaluation. Our online assessment tool measures the key components required for business owners to maximize their transitions to exit. They can use the results to partner with Orange Kiwi and others (their families, employees and advisors) to achieve their transition goals.
  3. Consulting & Coaching. Using our deep understanding of what makes owners tick as well what is required for a business to scale and/or prepare for transition, we provide for our clients a trusted partner in achieving their business and personal goals.

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