The greatness of an organization will be directly proportional to the greatness of its leader. It is rare for an organization to rise above its leader.
– Blackaby and Blackaby

There are ~28 million United States businesses that exist today:

  • Only 4% of owners successfully build a business beyond the $1M in annual revenue barrier
  • 0.4% are successful enough to break the $10M barrier
  • 0.0006% or 17,000 owners successfully reach the $50M barrier
  • 70-80% of all business sale/succession events fail the first attempt

Question: Why are these barriers so hard to break through? Answer: They require significant change for both the organization and the leader. Simply put, what worked in the past keeps you on a treadmill… clearing the hurdle requires a developmental leap. While successful owners share common personality traits and behaviors that make them successful, each owner is unique. Our M3 framework provides a vehicle for helping owners develop their personalized transition formula for scale, sale, or succession.

The M3 Framework:

Getting Results

We help successful owners become more successful. Owners of companies with annual revenue between $5M and $150M who are within 1-7 years of a significant transition event (scale, sale, succession) realize the following benefits:

Scaling a Business

  • Clarity: about the barriers and obstacles to greater success. This starts with understanding the gap between your current and preferred realities in three key domains, your business, your money, and yourself.
  • Confidence: to overcome barriers and limitations. Change is hard and breaking thru barriers requires considerable change for you and your management team. Eisenhower famously said, “Plans are worthless, but planning is EVERYTHING!”. The M3 framework helps you identify what “you don’t know that you don’t know” about yourself, your money, and your business so that your ability to control your future increases.
  • Coordination: to execute the change required. Transition is tough, it is lonely at the top, and leading differently takes effort. We provide facilitation and training for owners and their management teams along with skilled executive coaching for owners throughout the transition process.
  • Satisfaction: The complexity of scaling can be draining. Our goal is to help you enjoy the ride by avoiding the business, financial, and personal pitfalls that keep owners from realizing their goals.

Exiting a Business

  • Clarity: When an exiting owner is emotionally torn, their plans are often muddied and unresolved. Our M3 framework provides owners the opportunity to design and optimize their custom formula for successfully exiting their business on their own terms and in their own timing.
  • Confidence: Exits are liminal experiences filled with unique uncertainty owners don’t experience while building their businesses. The exit experience often leaves owners feeling out of control. We help owners leverage their strengths and their M3 formula so that they confidently remain in control of their transition to successfully navigate the myriad of decisions and trade-offs inherent in a deal process.
  • Coordination: A satisfying exit is one in which the owner is in control. We facilitate a process that equips owners with the insights, knowledge, and skills to confidently interact with and coordinate the necessary third party deal professionals. In some situations we help owners screen and select their deal team professionals.
  • Satisfaction: Owners that use the M3 framework know they’re in charge and they achieve the best possible exits given the available choices throughout the deal process. We help owners before during and after the transaction so that they transition to a life of satisfaction and significance beyond their role as owner.


  1. Consulting. Our consultants are highly experienced in most aspects of mid-market business transition. Our engagements can be as short as a half-day assessment followed by reporting and recommendations, through to long-term organizational development and change support.
  2. Executive Coaching. Our research and experience have proven that transition success is fundamentally tied to the business owner’s leadership strength. Our expert coaches and consultants provide owner’s respite from the day-to-day urgency of running the business. Owners are able to think out loud, get renewed perspective and develop lasting solutions.
  3. Expert Third Party Services Along with our own core services, we have well-established partnerships with trusted advisors who are experts in the realities of mid-market business transition. Need tax support, we’ve got that covered. Investment banking? No problem. Highly skilled external CFOs that understand the low to mid market. Yes, we know them, too!

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