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Businesses are dynamic and require continuous transformation to scale through success barriers.

Hired CEOs have been raised through the corporate ranks, trained to detect the need for change, and acquired the necessary skills to achieve desired outcomes. Their leadership style and skills are shaped to conform with the firm’s culture.

Successful owners build and shape their firm’s culture to conform to their style and skills. That is (in part) what allows owners to become successful – and it is what often gets them stuck when change is required. Culture will always eat strategy for breakfast unless the strategy accounts for the demands of culture.

Our M3 framework helps owners take an objective and systematic look at the My Business dimension in the context of the My Self realities to identify levers of change for transition success (be that scale, sale, or succession). The resulting analysis is not just a one-dimensional business strategy – it is 1/3 of the owner’s customized formula for transition success.



Our consultants are highly experienced in most aspects of low to mid-market business transition. Our engagements can be as short as a half-day assessment followed by reporting and recommendations through to long-term organizational development and change support.

Executive Coaching

A core belief is that transition success is fundamentally tied to the business owner’s capacity for the most difficult type of leadership – self-leadership. Our skilled coaches provide owner’s respite from the day-to-day urgency of running the business. Owners are able to think out loud, get renewed perspective and develop lasting solutions.

Third-Party Services

Along with our own core services, we have well-established partnerships with trusted advisors who are experts in the realities of mid-market business transition. Need tax support – we’ve got that. Investment Banking? No problem. Highly skilled external CFOs that understand the low to mid market? Yes, we know them, too!

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