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“My business continues to grow and I am making good money,
but getting a mortgage is still a challenge”
“I’ve got a great offer to buy my business – they want to close in 90 days.
How do I maximize the proceeds and handle tax?”

A business owner’s wealth is more complex than balances in checking, savings, and investment accounts. Most often the business is the owner’s largest asset, but it is largely illiquid. And it is not just a financial asset to be managed. It is the owner’s life work. The M3 framework and process helps owners gain greater control of their financial future and gives them needed clarity to work confidently with skilled advisors.

Many wealth and financial services are designed to serve those with liquid wealth others simply do not understand the complexities and emotions that come with business ownership.

Clients benefit from strategic partnerships we have developed with some of the nations leading wealth and asset experts. Each of these experts is skilled at addressing the unique needs low to mid market owners face at all points in the business lifecycle. Our partners are focused on helping low to mid market owners strategically grow their wealth alongside the growth of their business to ensure they remain in control of their financial future.

The M3 approach provides owners and their advisors with a cohesive process:

Financial Review & Analysis

Our strategic partners understand the unique financial complexities and challenges owners face. These strategic partnerships offer owners fit-for-purpose solutions designed to achieve the owner’s unique goals. They offer innovative, data driven solutions that give owners informed options.

Tax & Estate Strategies

Anybody can do your taxes, but it takes skilled pros to maximize tax and estate efficiencies for business owners – particularly in the rapidly evolving tax environment we face today.

Financial Strategies

Investing liquid wealth is far less complicated than developing financial strategies involving the illiquid wealth of business owners. Helping business owners maximize their financial future demands experienced professionals dedicated to developing fit-for-purpose solutions. Some financial strategies take years to accomplish. By leveraging their extensive industry experience, our partners help owners “explore the future” to make time a competitive advantage.

Family Office Services

Successful owners are used to having support staff and that shouldn’t end when you exit your business. Our strategic partners are experts at designing family office solutions to meet your needs — in some cases these services are complimentary.
As with all strategies, your financial picture evolves as your business and family grow. Our advisors do not simply report what’s happened. They partner with you to provide future focused assistance giving you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

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