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The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same
level of thinking that got us there. – Albert Einstein

Successful owners have unique psychological characteristics and they have built the business so that it works for their leadership style and skill set – that is what allows them to remain successful.

Transformation requires thinking and working differently, but that is hard to see in the midst of the day-to-day urgency. Our M3 framework helps owners discover insights about how they are “wired” and how that has led to their current level of success. Owners transform these insights into 1/3 of their formula for transition success (be that scale, sale, or succession).
(See My Business and My Money for the other formula components.)


Executive Coaching

A core belief is that transition success is fundamentally tied to the business owner’s capacity for the most difficult type of leadership – self-leadership. Our experienced coaches provide owner’s respite from the day-to-day urgency of running the business. Owners are able to think out loud, get renewed perspective and develop lasting solutions.


Our consultants are highly experienced in most aspects of mid-market business transition. Our engagements can be as short as a half-day assessment followed by reporting and recommendations through to long-term organizational development and change support.

Owner Intensives

Discovery is one of the most powerful means of gaining insight. Our team designs 4 – 5 day intensive experiences that allow a small group (6 – 10) owners to work through their M3 Framework with other owners who are going through the same challenges. These are invitation only experiences designed with busy owners in mind. Our approach combines the best of shared discovery experiences, luxury accommodations, and excursions designed to get maximum results that help successful owners make the most of their investment. (Participation in these events is highly confidential and invitees are carefully screened.)

Peer Groups

Successful owners that belong to a peer group organization continue to learn, grow, and achieve better business outcomes. Our peer groups form three ways:

  1. Owner’s that complete an Owner Intensive may choose to form a professionally facilitated peer group. These are usually time limited and designed to enhance execution of the M3 Framework designed in the intensive.
  2. Owner’s initiate a local peer group through their network of relationships with other successful owners (minimum 8 owners and 12 month commitment). We provide expert facilitation and executive coaching support using the M3 framework to design and implement each owner’s formula for success.
  3. As a “value add” for clients some of our strategic partners will invite a group of owners to participate in a peer group often at significantly reduced cost for owners (minimum 10 owners over 9 – 12 months). We provide the same expert facilitation and executive coaching support to owners using the M3 framework to design and implement each owner’s formula for success.

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