White Papers

On a consistent basis Orange Kiwi publishes white papers that bring together much of our current thinking regarding the unique needs of business owners at the point of business transitions. Our current white papers are listed below:

The M3 Framework for Successful Business Owner Transitions (for owners & advisors)
This proprietary framework provides a flexible and holistic way to help business owners prepare for business transition without laborious, ill-fitting, and linear planning processes.

The Power of Exploration (for owners)
3 out of 4 business owners are dissatisfied with the sale of their business within 12 months of the transaction. Building a truly satisfying exit from your business most definitely doesn’t start once you have the money in the bank. Nor does it start when you are preparing to sell your business. Instead it starts with what we call the “exploratory” stage – which optimally starts years before the exit. This whitepaper explains why and how exploration needs so as to achieve a successful transition.

The Psychology of Exits (for advisors)
This white-paper is designed to provide actionable insights about the psychological challenges faced by owners when confronted with the concept of their own business transition and exit.

Seeing Below the Surface: The Wealth Manager & The Business Owner (for wealth managers)
Successful entrepreneurs are tremendous wealth creators. A generation is facing business exits. The wealth manager has a potential position of unique influence. New clients and new AUM are possible and this white paper offers a new approach that starts with unique psychology of the business owner.