Orange Kiwi’s proprietary online assessment tool offers business owners and their advisors a revolutionary way to discover and understand the owners’ personal inclinations to exiting their businesses.

Developed through extensive research, the assessment survey can be completed by owners in just 15-minutes. The results are immediate, providing clarification for owners on their inclinations and readiness, and value for advisors through eliminating the guesswork and establishing a strong foundation for follow-up and action. The tool has been well tested, with advisors typically realizing an 80-90% owner response rate. It is simple and easy to implement.

Step One

Business owner receives an email link

Step Two

15 minute online psychometric

Step Three

Receive in-depth reporting


Once an owner has completed the survey, their advisor immediately receives a snapshot of the topline results, while the owner (at the advisor’s discretion) is emailed a one-page report describing their score and its implications for their transition to exit.

The reporting includes, but is not limited to:
  • An analysis of the owner’s profile against key variables essential to transition success
  • A summary of individualized recommendations
  • The key pitfalls that advisors should proactively monitor
  • A description of the owner’s communication style
  • A description of the type of advisor who’d work best with the owner.

try a sample

Take our complimentary introductory owner assessment (note this is not the full paid version described on this page), and receive an immediate snapshot of your readiness for transition.