Orange Kiwi takes a multidisciplinary approach to consulting that considers both the organizational/business imperatives and the distinctive psychology of the successful business owner.

Consulting Clients Include:

Business owners

We understand that the decision to exit a successful business runs contrary to the owner’s natural business-building characteristics. As guides and consultants we help owners to resolve this internal conflict and build the skills they need to make the transition with confidence remaining in control while effectively engaging with third-party advisors

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Wealth managers

We consult with wealth management firms seeking to activate and engage new and existing business owner clients. We evaluate the firm’s approach to owners and help them build engaging business development funnels that work.

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Successful third-party investments in the low to mid market often depend on the existing owners’ attitudes and inclinations. We support private equity clients in their relationships with the management teams/co-owners of their portfolio companies, helping those owners/managers to develop the leadership, change, and personal skills necessary to achieve the investment growth plan.

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M&A advisors

Our work with investment bankers (most often on the sell side) involves consulting with their business owner clients who are either on the verge of signing or already under contract. This helps the bankers understand the business owners’ mindset(s) and what will be required for them to successfully seal the deal.

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